Andreas L. Fuchs

Position / Affiliation Research Fellow at the German Historical Institute Washington DC,
DFG research project “Innovation through tradition?”
Office Address German Historical Institute
1607 New Hampshire Ave NW
Washington DC 20009-2562
Phone +49 (0)531 59099-248 (Georg Eckert Institute)
Email fuchs [at] ghi-dc [dot] org
Research Project Music as Representation of Reform: The role of singing in the Jewish Reform Movement of the Nineteenth Century
JBM - Andreas L. Fuchs


Andreas L. Fuchs is a research fellow and at the German Historical Institute Washington DC and a Ph.D. candidate in the DFG-research project “Innovation through tradition?“. He has been a research fellow at the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research in Braunschweig since 2007. There he worked until 2013 for the “” project (His recent publications are therefore in the fields of Digital Humanities.) and between January 2014 and December 2015 he was part of the first funding period of the Project „Innovation through tradition?”. He is a graduate of the University of Regensburg with the following degrees: Diploma degree in Theology (2003), MA in Musicology (2011) and a qualification in East-West European Studies (“Bohemicum”) (2001).
In his PhD project he combines his research interests and focuses on Jewish music, songs and the processes of singing in religious reform movements during the 19th century. Current conference papers examined Jewish songs, dance and their role in constructing and maintaining cultural identity.


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